Florida Tax Relief: Providing Debt Settlement Helps

Florida taxpayers, as well as professional tax planners, are very familiar with the FICPA. However, what most people may not be aware of is that the FICPA is an incredibly effective legal tool that should be at the forefront of every taxpayer`s business mind when it comes to planning, organizing, managing and filing his or her taxes. For these reasons, organizations such as the FICPA have made significant contributions toward making the federal income tax law more easily accessible to all Floridians. As a result, we now have access to tax relief programs that can help us in nearly every way from preparing our state and local tax returns to fighting the IRS on tax liens and other tax issues.Orlando tax relief company

Since the early 1990s, the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFRS) has offered tax resolution and tax relief services to deal with common taxpayer issues, like those arising out of personal debt, medical debts, and general obligation bonds. The Department of Financial Service (DFS) also administers the Florida Comprehensive Debt Counseling Program, which is a similar but more limited program designed to help taxpayers financially recover from financial hardship. In addition, the DFS administers the Refinance Guarantee Program, which guarantees loans to homeowners in order to prevent the foreclosure of their homes.

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There are many situations that are beyond the control of any individual, state or federal government, including situations that result from tax lien sales, corporate income tax assessments or, in the case of the Florida inheritance tax. The DFS is fully aware of the urgency of addressing such cases and is committed to protecting taxpayers from unfair or unwarranted corporate and/or estate tax treatment. If you or someone you know may be in one of these situations and are not sure if your state`s income tax law will permit you to take reasonable action, you should contact a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida tax attorney who can answer your questions. A lawyer can provide you with accurate and timely advice about whether you qualify for tax relief and will also guide you through the process of contesting any property lien sale or estate tax assessment that may have occurred without your knowledge or consent.

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