The Guan Yin Studio is a Martial Arts School that teaches Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kung Fu. It was founded by Sifu Jo Hardy in 2010, and it is an affiliated member of the International Plum Blossom Federation, a worldwide federation of over 200 martial arts studios. Jo teaches and practices under Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, president of the federation. Grandmaster is a fifth generation grandmaster, one of the highest-ranking Choy Li Fut Kung Fu masters in the world.

Choy Li Fut (Cai Li Fo) is the name of the Kung Fu system that Jo teaches at the Guan Yin Studio. It is unsurpassed as a practical self-defence system because of its unique versatility. It combines the footwork of the Northern Chinese style with southern-style hand techniques. The style emphasises relaxed internal power over stiff, muscular force. Done at full speed, CLF forms provide an excellent cardiovascular work out while also improving strength and flexibility. CLF includes long and short range punches, kicks, sweeps, take downs, lethal pressure point attacks, joint locks and grappling. CLF also includes training with 53 types of traditional Chinese weapons, including short weapons like the broadsword, long weapons like the staff or spear, flexible weapons like the chain whip and three sectional staff, and twin weapons like the double hook swords.