Tummy Tuck Dog Ears

Tummy Tuck Dog Ears

“Dog Ears” are a reasonably usual occurrence in people who have undertaken tummy tuck surgical procedure and can be otherwise called a bunching of excess skin at each end of the medical mark. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can lessen this possibility of developing this issue, although sometimes it may be unavoidable. The bright side is that canine ears can easily be remedied.


Tummy tuck pet ears are frequently described as an excess “pucker” of skin and cellulite at the ends of the laceration line. These triangular-shaped little bits of excess skin look like pet dog ears; hence, the name and can happen on both sides or one. Canine ear defects are most typical after abdominoplasty surgery, yet breast reduction and bust lift patients are also at danger.

Although a doctor will certainly do their ideal to prevent this common issue, sometimes dog ears are simply inevitable. In general, they occur since the laceration was as well short, creating a bulge. This can be because of inadequate medical planning, or since the person asked for a shorter cut. Because dog ears are mostly composed of fatty tissue, obese clients are also much more in danger than those with a lower BMI.

Most of the time, the excess cells disappear when the swelling has gone away, normally within the initial 3-6 months after surgery. If the swelling has decreased and your dog ears are still there, alteration surgery will certainly be needed to have them removed.


Dog ears can easily be attended to through a small procedure under regional anesthetic. This is done after a lot of the preliminary swelling has dropped, which is normally after three months and does not considerably affect the tummy tuck surgical procedure patient`s original healing time.

The procedure is extremely uncomplicated and is commonly performed in about half an hour. It involves the elimination of excess skin and also a slight lengthening of the initial cut. Surgeons will generally utilize interior sutures instead of external ones; in many cases, drains pipes are not even required. 

If the dog ears are larger and also cause substantial bulging, lipo may additionally be performed. This aids flatten them out and also attain the most effective possible result. In various other cases, lipo might additionally be the only procedure required. This is specifically true if the dog ears are brought on by excess cellulite rather than excess skin.


You can anticipate the downtime after canine ear improvement surgery to last no greater than a couple of days in many cases. This is true whether the procedure includes liposuction or not.

You must be able to resume your regular tasks after simply a week, with the exception being a workout. Several specialists will suggest that you abstain from arduous physical activity for 6 weeks, your cosmetic surgeon might approve light cardio after as low as 2-3 weeks.

Considering that the muscular tissue isn`t resewn, pain ought to be very minor. In case you do experience any discomfort, non-prescription medicine such as Advil or Tylenol is usually enough to keep it in control.

In most cases, clients are exceptionally pleased with their abdominoplasty recuperation and results.  Please visit drlaguna.com to learn more.