Arizona Tax Relief On Delinquency

If you were delinquent on your Arizona tax bill this year, you’ll be very pleased to learn that you can have some relief from paying the bill. If you’ve been delinquent on your tax bills for three years, you can file an effective “residency tax resolution” which gives you a nice lump sum of money to not have to pay the full amount. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that they qualify to use this tax relief program, so there are still plenty of people out there who don’t take advantage of this opportunity every year.Orlando tax relief company

If you’re planning on using Arizona tax relief, you need to write a handwritten written request to the IRS. You must do this after your January tax return because the IRS has 30 days to respond to the request. You must also attach a copy of the tax deed for your property. It is extremely important that you attach a proof of citizenship or you will need a social security number. If you can prove one of these two things, the IRS might consider your written request for abatement.

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There are a few requirements that you must meet before the abatement is granted. First, you must show that your financial situation is such that you cannot pay the full amount of your monthly payments. For some people this means that they have lost their jobs and do not have enough money to make the mortgage payment or keep the car running. Second, you must show that you cannot possibly pay the full amount of your monthly payments based on your current financial situation. A qualified Arizona tax relief can often work in conjunction with other programs, like a loan modification or a home equity loan, so it is important that you explore all options available.

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